our strengths

Our strengths

These are our five strengths as follows:

1. Designing traditional Kyoto architecture based on Japanese tradition.

We can offer variety of designs from traditional styles to contemporary styles.

2. Processing construction projects smoothly

IIt is said that processing construction projects in Kyoto is especially difficult compared with other areas in Japan. However, we can process them smoothly by negotiating with local administration to meet construction regulations with using various connections we have built for 50 years of running business in Kyoto.

3. Designed large number of apartments in Kyoto city

We have designed about half the number of apartments in Kyoto city. We can design various styles which can realize clients` demands as possible.

4. Enough experience of designing hotels and commercial buildings

We have designed architecture not only apartments but also hotels and commercial buildings. Moreover, we have designing experience of Casino and amusement parks.

5. Ability to design large-scale architecture

We have designed Kyoto Aquarium, shopping malls and complex hotels. We have enough ability to deal with designing large-scale architecture.