what we can provide

Projects in Japan

We can support in case overseas managements of hotels and retail shops, or developers and investors are planning to expand business in Japan (especially in Kyoto).

1. Help purchasing land in Kyoto

We will select and purchase proper land where meet clients` requirements in the Kansai region including Osaka, Hyogo, Nara, Shiga and mainly Kyoto. In addition, we can process business projects smoothly with using our connections developed in Kyoto.

2. Set up business plans

We will set up business plans by considering how we build up plans smoothly and effectively based on the reliable data.

3. Introduce building owners or operation companies

We will introduce appropriate investors, developers, or operation companies in Japan if needed.

4. Provide a masterplan (including schematic design)

We will provide a well-built masterplan by making the best use of the land. We also dedicate to confirming construction regulations in Kyoto and negotiations with local administration.

5. Design

We will engage in designing and processing projects effectively in Kyoto known as a difficult area to deal with to meet our client requirements.

6. Arrange constructors

We will introduce local appropriate constructors which can manage projects to lead to success the architectural project within a budget.

7. Construction supervision

We will supervise a construction work for conformance with our drawings.

Our service includes not only designing and supervision of construction work but dealing with affairs relating to them as stated above. Feel free to contact us.

Projects outside Japan

We also support our clients involved in overseas projects. These examples are our strengths in processing the projects.

Designing various types of architecture including Japanese traditional style(especially Kyoto style)
Providing service(designing and administration) with high standard Japanese quality
Offering prompt service by an organized team